TROY, Mich. (June 24, 2024) – A new report released by the Special Competitive Studies

Project (SCSP), an organization funded by former CEO of Google, Chairman Eric Schmidt,

named 3D Printing network Project DIAMOnD as an example of the types of projects that are

essential to improving U.S. competitiveness in advanced manufacturing. Project DIAMOnD –

which stands for distributed, independent, agile manufacturing on demand – is an initiative

powered by Automation Alley and funded by Oakland County, Michigan.

The SCSP’s “Action Plan for U.S. Leadership in Advanced Manufacturing” report identifies 3D

printing and additive manufacturing as a moonshot project – an “audacious goal that can move

the entire U.S. innovation ecosystem toward a position of competitive advantage.”

Additionally, Project DIAMOnD was cited as a “scalable model” for the recommendation to

pursue a national-level, distributed production network for additive manufacturing focused on

small and medium-sized manufacturers adoption. The report recommends the U.S. Department

of Defense adopt the Project DIAMOnD model as a central component of America’s national

security, leaning on the U.S. supply chain to produce the parts as necessary.

“Our national security and economic independence are linked to our competitiveness in the

manufacturing economy. The next 10 years are critical for helping our small manufacturing firms

bridge the divide between traditional and additive manufacturing,” said Oakland County

Executive David Coulter. “Project DIAMOnD is the initiative that is helping bridge this divide in

Oakland County today and it’s a blueprint for how to facilitate increased competitiveness and

innovation. Most importantly, it is key to the future health of our economy and the security of our


Project DIAMOnD was developed in October 2020 to accelerate digital transformation among

Michigan manufacturers. In Phase I of the program, which was funded by $10 million from

Oakland County and $2 million from Macomb County, Automation Alley distributed 300 3D

printers to small- and mid-size manufacturers at no cost, provided workforce training, and

networked the printers to be used to fulfill emergency orders at scale.

In 2021, the network concept was validated, as it printed and shipped 8,000 tourniquet parts to

fulfill a request from the Ukrainian Defense Ministry. The parts allowed for the assembling of

more than 2,600 tourniquets to help those in need of medical assistance during the Russian

assault on Ukraine.

“Project DIAMOnD is honored to be included in SCSP’s National Action Plan report as a

moonshot advanced manufacturing initiative. This validates what we have known from the

beginning – that 3D printing continues to have a vast, untapped potential to revolutionize

manufacturing across many sectors. Project DIAMOnD is an innovative public-private

partnership model that enables the scaling and adoption of additive manufacturing for small and

medium manufacturers,” said Automation Alley Executive Director and CEO Tom Kelly. “We are

proud of the progress that Project DIAMOnD and its participants have made since the program

was launched four years ago, and we believe there is potential to do so much more in the


In 2023, Automation Alley and Oakland County announced Phase II of Project DIAMOnD,

directing an additional $15 million of federal funds toward the purchase of 250 additional state of-the-art 3D printers, the buildout of a marketplace and additional

training support for

participants in the program.

In May, Mich. Governor Whitmer recognized the momentum achieved by Project DIAMOnD and

called for a statewide expansion of the network of 3D printers to deliver on her vision to build the

“Infrastructure for Innovation” businesses. Wayne, Oakland and Macomb counties joined the

governor and made a commitment to expand Project DIAMOnD.

To learn more about Project DIAMOnD, or if you are a small- or medium-sized manufacturer

interested in joining the program, visit

About Project DIAMOnD

Project DIAMOnD was established in October 2020 by Oakland County and Automation Alley

through CARES Act grants of $10 million from Oakland County. $2 million additional dollars

from Macomb County, allowed the current network to expand to Macomb County businesses.

This program accelerates digital transformation among Michigan manufacturers and

strengthened supply chains for producing PPE during the pandemic. Project DIAMOnD

participating manufacturers could use the 3D printers supplied by Markforged, Inc. to expand

their production of various industrial parts and products, ultimately enhancing Industry 4.0

manufacturing capabilities in Michigan and throughout the United States. Visit

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