Frequent questions.

What are Project DIAMOnD's next steps?

The next phase of Project DIAMOnD will consist of focusing on:

  • Software and platform development, such as a community-governed marketplace, an app store and easy connection to legacy platforms. 
  • Additive manufacturing, including design grants, ancillary manufacturing services and post-processing capabilities.
  • Pilot projects, like 3D printing nontraditional materials, opportunistic technology applications and collaborative robots and artificial intelligence as a service.
  • Scaling up grant access

What is the "readiness assessment" and how will I receive it?

You will receive your assessment by email. The purpose of the assessment is to analyze the company in the following ways:

1. How well is the organization's purpose being represented by the strategy and executed in the day-to-day work?
2. What is the ability of the company to reinvest digitally?
3. What challenges and opportunities may your company face from a technology perspective?

From those viewpoints, we provide analysis and recommend three critical priorities for the company to implement. The recommendations are to be achievable and to resolve systemic challenges or bolster the ability to seize opportunities. All information including results is kept confidential and not shared with anyone without your consent.

Do we get access to CAD software? Is additional support offered for small businesses? How do we start working?

Sign up for the Markforged User Community. Join the community to connect with other Project DIAMOnD companies, learn about design and print projects, and connect with the Markforged team. Access the Markforged User Community by logging in to the Support Portal and navigating through the main menu in the upper right corner of your screen. Register for the Buddy Program. View a demo for logging into the portal.

Is this a regional or nationwide network?

There are future plans to expand, but this network is currently only regional to Michigan.

How will other Project DIAMOnD members be introduced to one another outside of being on the same Webinars?

Automation Alley is happy to facilitate introductions between Project DIAMOnD network participants! Other ways to connect include the Markforged Buddy Program, participation in the Lunch & Learn events to discuss applications, and to meet other manufacturers involved in the project. We're also working on a cloud-based interactive bulletin board that will allow for peer-to-peer and group messaging and will soon launch a community-governed marketplace.

Are there any startup grants to get a building?

For startup support and information about funding resources, please contact John Bedz at

Are we able to announce our selection to be part of Project DIAMOnD on social media?

Please do! This is a federally funded program and does not involve any classified or close-hold information.

Who came up with this amazing idea?

Macomb and Oakland County took advantage of funding made available through The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act. Automation Alley, Macomb County and Oakland County developed the program together and continue to work together as the network strengthens and monetizes. See: The Treasury Department is Delivering COVID-19 Relief for All Americans. And PPE Resilience Grant.

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