Project DIAMOnD is funded by grants from Oakland, Macomb counties


DETROIT – Small businesses trying to remain viable and relevant during COVID can get a huge leg up with a new program from Automation Alley.

Project DIAMOnD (Distributed, Independent, Agile, Manufacturing On-Demand) was created to address the need to move companies into digital manufacturing as quickly. Instead of giving grant money, the organization is giving grant equipment to up profits while also helping fight the global pandemic by building the United States' largest network of 3D printer users.

Neither the business plan nor the business model needs to change, what Automation Alley is doing is multi-fold in that it is giving businesses an avenue to expand while also doing its patriotic duty during a Global pandemic.

You can watch Paula Tutman’s full story in the video above.

The original deadline to apply to the grant was Nov. 13, but it has been extended to Dec. 6.

Manufacturers accepted into the program will receive:

  • Industry 4.0 Equipment: participating companies will receive a production part capable 3D printer valued at more than $20,000 at no-cost.
  • Strategic Guidance: on how to transform from legacy operations to digital manufacturing.
  • An Industry 4.0 Assessment: outlining where their business stands today and what digital opportunities best fit their needs.
  • Connections and introductions: to state-of-the art vendors and applied research that can help them along their path to Industry 4.0.
  • A financial investment: will be granted to purchase Industry 4.0 and state-of-the art digital technologies.

More information can be found on Automation Alley’s official website here.